1. N.Y. Times, March 12, 2011 –
Cunningham C-3 Joined Hemi V-8 and Italian Style

Just thought that all of you would like to see the wonderful article written by Tom Cotter that appeared in the N.Y. Times on March 12, 2011. It is a result of the wonderful “Cunningham Gathering” which took place in Palm Beach at Mar-a-Lago on January 23, 2011.

Eleven (11) of the twenty-five (25) original Cunningham C-3 Vignale cars were in attendance for a unique reunion. Hopefully, when the next Gathering takes place, they will all be there. Much credit for the event goes to John Barnes, Cavallino Classic and to Martin Gruss, owner of C-3 #5226 which was featured on the official event invitation.

2. Autoweek, April 4, 2011 –
Cunningham Homecoming: Enthusiasts and Owners Gather at Florida Event

Enthusiasts and owners assemble at Florida event: The Cunningham Gathering brought eleven (11) of the original twenty-five (25) Cunningham C-3 cars together for the first time since their construction in 1952-1953. After almost sixty (60) years, the cars were stunning, the weather was wonderful, and all in attendance enjoyed the event.

3. Autoweek, May 30, 2011 –

4. Automobile Quarterly, May, 2011 –
Cunningham C-3 Continental: Luxury in a High-Performance Package

Author Leigh Dorrington wrote this article both to correct misinformation and to provide a complete C-3 history for the first time. The story originated from both his long-term interest in the subject and his unexpected access to a trove of original BSCunningham Co images and documents in 2010 that provided new information.

5. Wheel People, June, 2011 –
Rare 1952 Cunningham Discovered and Saved

Read about how Barn Find author Tom Cotter uncovers and revives a 1952 Cunningham C-3 hiding since 1959.

6. CollectorsCarWorld, September 14, 2011
Last Cunningham C-3 Discovered (by Tom Cotter)

Take a look at the story about the research and legwork that led to the discovery of the last C-3 to be located.

7. Wall Street Journal, September 17, 2011
Car Treasure Unearthed in Connecticut, #5209

Find out how the last missing piece in the small but notable collection of 25 C-3 classic sports cars built in the early 1950s by Mr. Cunningham was discovered this April outside a Connecticut barn.

8. New York Times, September 15, 2011
Fairfield County Concours d ‘Elegance

Three (3) Cunningham C-3 coupes were entered, including the recently discovered
#5209 barn find (outside of the barn).

9. Hemmings Blog article, September 2011
Barn-Find Cunningham to Highlight Trio of C-3s at Fairfield

The Fairfield County Councours d’Elegance featured three (3) Cunningham C-3 Hemi-powered, Vignali-bodied coupes, including the recently discovered #5209 barn find, #5214 (factory-built for circuit racing in South America), and #5223 (built as Cunningham’s personal car).

10. Sports Car Market, May 2014
A Rare Cunningham on the Rise

Author Miles Collier explains why, short of another Cunningham Reunion, odds are that you won’t see a car like this 1952 Cunningham C-3 coupe at the local show-and-shine.

11. Hagerty Classic Cars, Fall 2014
Rhapsody in C3
(Click here to see the Hagerty Cunningham photo shoot.)

Author Tom Cottor traces the historical development of Cunningham’s C3s. Increased Cunningham enthusiasm in recent years has spurred a couple of events that brought fans and collectors together. Perhaps Briggs Cunningham’s splendid automotive stepchild is finally getting its due.

Hagerty Classic Cars

Hagerty Classic Cars

Hagerty Classic Cars

Hagerty Classic Cars

Hagerty Classic Cars

12. Esquire Magazine, 1954 -
Automotive Fashions: Cunningham Continental Cabriolet

Cunningham Continental Cabriolet

This vintage water color by Leslie Saalburg appears in the article above, along with a description of Cunningham’s Continental Cabriolet.

13. Car Life Magazine, February 1954
Road Testing the Cunningham

Ted Koopman, associate editor of Car Life Magazine, says of Briggs Cunningham’s custom built coupe (perhaps America’s finest and certainly most expensive automobile), “It’s like harnessing Niagara Falls or the kick of a Jato-assist rocket.”

14. Racing Wheels, June 1953

Cover from an obscure Midwestern sports car magazine, Racing Wheels – June 1953, that only lasted three years. It was published in Minnesota. The car photo is of C-3 #5206 which was first owned by Carl Kiekhaefer.

Racing Wheels Magazine

Racing Wheels Magazine

Racing Wheels Magazine

15. RM Auctions, May 2015
1953 Cunningham C3 Coupe by Vignale

The C-3 Coupe sets a record at an RM Sotheby Auction – May, 2015. The sale price was $869,000 + commission.

16. Hemmings Daily, December 7, 2015
Now Restored, the Petersen Museum’s Former 1952 Cunningham C-3 Heads to Auction

Author Kurt Ernst describes the recent restoration of the 1952 Cunningham C-3 coupe #5208 in preparation for an RM Sotheby sale in Arizona in January 2016.

17. RM Auctions, January 2016 -
1952 Cunningham C3 Coupe by Vignale

Another C-3 Coupe sets a record at an RM Sotheby Auction – January, 2016. Sale price was $1.1 million + commission.

18. Parts and Lubrication charts

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parts and lubrication charts

parts and lubrication charts

parts and lubrication charts


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