Cunningham C2R

After an extensive research project which included a panel of Cunningham car experts, it is our considered opinion that the car was heavily damaged at some point between July/August, 1953 & August, 1954.

We have a copy of a letter dated August 13, 1954 from Robert N. Byron at the B.S. Cunningham Co. to Irving W. Robbins, Jr. (provided by Collier Collection / Revs Institute) which includes a detailed repair estimate listing suspension, chassis, engine, and other needed repairs.

In a follow-up letter by Mr. Robbins, he states that the car was damaged in a crash during a race in California. We are still trying to determine where and on what date. It is our belief that C2R #5104 was traded in for C3 #5441 (Vignale Cabriolet), after which C2R #5104 was dismantled, retired, or destroyed.

Respectfully submitted by,
Lawrence W. Berman Cunningham Motorsport Historian

Click here to read the two letters referenced above.

For more photos of this car, please click here. (Photo credit: Irving W. Robbins family photo collection – 2013.)

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