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This compilation of the Cunningham team racing record represents the culmination of approximately ten (10) years as of 2015 of hobby effort by motorsport historian Larry Berman. It is the most complete record constructed to date and documents over 800 individual races in which Briggs Cunningham-sponsored cars were entered.

To use the history, either click on the YEAR in the menu above or type in a term to search. Unless otherwise noted, all entries were under the aegis of Briggs Cunningham.

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Some Notes from Motorsport Historian Larry Berman

In compiling this record I would like to thank all of the people who contributed so much information and time. A very special thanks to Carl Goodwin, author of articles on Briggs S. Cunningham and many other race drivers and auto racing events for many years. Much gratitude and thanks to John Fitch, who is a consummate gentleman, accomplished race driver, WW-II fighter pilot, sailor, mentor and friend. To Jim Sitz, David Woodhouse, Bill Green, Joseph Leikham (research volunteer at Collier Museum) Dan Gurney, Denise McCluggage, Frank Bott, Lake Underwood, Paul Richards, Mrs. Phil (Sheila) Walters, Jim Duffield, Dick Thompson, Michael T. Lynch, Jim Hayes, Rusty Hansgen (Walter Hansgen's son) Willem Oosthoek, Barbara Weaver (George's wife).

A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Bill Green, Motorsport Historian, International Motor Racing Research Center, Watkins Glen, NY for his time consuming extensive review & corrections to my compilation in June, 2004.

Where possible, I have included the car entrant or owner if it was not Mr. Cunningham, however from this point in time, complete information is not always available. All errors or omissions are mine. Apologies are made for any errors. Please contact us with any additions or corrections.


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