Post War Cunninghams – Class P

1st – C2R roadster – T. G. Mittler

2nd – C-3 Coupe – Jim Taylor

3rd – C4R roadster – Fred Simeone

Briggs Cunningham Trophy

C5R – roadster – Miles Collier

Others in attendance:

C6R – roadster – Miles Collier

5206X Coupe – Peter Hosmer

C-3 Coupe – Michael Hammer

C-3 Cabriolet – Dennis Nicotra

Lister Jaguar BHL123 – Jeffrey Lottman

Fiat Abarth 1000 – Race #8 – Jeffrey & David Brynan

Historic Racing:

Cooper Monaco (Buick engine) – Jeffrey Heller

Maserati Tipo 151 – Laurence Auriana

A great showing by the Cunningham group, along with increase in name recognition.

At the premium ticket – Club D’Elegance outstanding breakfast & luncheon tent venue – there were (2) Cunningham flag logos on the front wall, each flanked by a larger Pebble Beach logo.

Many people requested Cunningham directions to the website.

We were able to reunite Lynn Cunningham Maddock (Mr. “C”‘s youngest daughter) with her niece Lise Cunningham Heller. Lynn brought (2) of her grandsons – Briggs, age 7 and Ford, age 5 – to see some of their great grandfather’s (Mr. “C”) race & road cars.

The boys had their photos taken while sitting in each of the race cars. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect them with their heritage.


Below we will be sharing links, press releases, stories, and photos surrounding the event.


2. Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Insider: “From Cunningham to Collier – The Evolution of a Collection”

3. Sports Car Market, The 2015 Insider’s Guide to Monterey: “Making Racing History – American Style”, by Miles Collier

4. “Briggs Cunningham and His Push to Win at Le Mans”, by Richard Harman/Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – 2015 (Note: This pdf was scanned in reverse order.)

5. Albuquerque Journal: “Santa Fe car collector wins Pebble Beach race”, by Andy Stiny

6. Santa Fe New Mexican: “Santa Fe man’s wheels get gold at car world’s ‘Olympics’”, by Anne Constable

7. Automobile Magazine: “All-American Hero: Why You Need to Know About Briggs Cunningham”, by John Lamm

8. “Cunningham C-4R Wins 2015 Gran Turismo Award at Pebble Beach”

9. T. G. Mittler, 1951 Cunningham C-2 Roadster

10. Motortrend Magazine: “20 Great Cars From the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Photo Gallery”


Below: Larry Berman sitting in Fred Simeone’s C4R #5217R next to the former Lucie Cunningham McKinney C-3 #5441 (formerly #5233) cabriolet. Taken at Pebble Beach Concours, 2015 (Photo credit: Thomas Gould, MD)


Larry Berman

Briggs Cunningham

Larry Berman


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