Cunningham Gathering III (2018) Videos

Call for Videos: Making Cunningham History!

Greetings to the Cunningham Crowd. By all accounts, Greenwich was a smashing success for Cunningham cars, owners, fans, writers, and on and on. Below is a short but amazing
aerial video of the whole line-up of cars on Greenwich Harbor. Check it out!

Speaking of videos, we are asking everyone to make a short home video of themselves commenting on the weekend, Greenwich, their car, or anything else they care to – even if
you were not there. It can be as profound or as silly as you like. Start with your name and affiliation to the Cunningham world, and go from there. Besides your words, musical acts
and stunts are allowed. :-)

Make it as long or short as you like. It will get edited into the final video we are making commemorating this time and place in Cunningham history. At a minimum we want all
owners in there, but non-owners as well.

I know we missed getting some of you on video at the Concours, so please do send us something to get you into the final product, whether we already taped you or not, and
whether you were there or not. And if you know someone we missed, please let them know.

This is a sincere request. The more material, the better. Please send to us for editing.
Don’t worry, we’ll make you look like the good-looking genius you are. Thanks in advance,
and thanks for being part of the phenomenal 2018 Gathering!

Chuck & Tom


Below are videos from the Cunningham Gathering III
held in Greenwich, CT from June 1-3, 2018:


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