1. Superauto Illustrated, July 1985 –
Cunningham’s Invasion of Le Mans

This beautifully-written article by John W. Burgess, Director & Manager of the Briggs Cunningham Automotive Museum, follows the story of Briggs Cunningham’s efforts at Le Mans.

2. The Palm Beach Post: Money, May 20, 2011 –
Briggs Cunningham, the Palm Beach County’s forgotten pioneer of racing

In this excellent article by Carlos Frias, Cunningham’s daughter (Lynn Maddock) and grandson (Jay Dewing) are interviewed, as is Briggs Cunningham historian Larry Berman.

3. The New York Times: Wheels, June 22, 2012 –
After 62-Year Absence, Le Monstre Will Stalk Le Mans Again

This good piece by Jim Motavalli features the two Series 61 Cadillacs Cunningham raced at Le Mans in 1950 – one a rather stock coupe and the other an unsightly but aerodynamic aluminum-bodied roadster nicknamed Le Monstre by the French motorsports press. Those two cars are scheduled to appear again from July 5 to 8, 2012 at the Le Mans Classic, an event held every two years at the circuit, in which in-period cars are run on the track.

4. Autoweek: Car News, July 31, 2012 –
Briggs Cunningham LeMans Corvette race car found in Florida

This timely article by Dale Jewett spotlights the barn find and an interview with Larry Berman.

5. Hemmings, August 3, 2012 –
Last unaccounted-for Briggs Cunningham Le Mans Corvette found

This article from the world’s leading collector car news source tells the story of how the last missing Le Mans Corvette was found.

6. Road & Track, August 6, 2012 –
Le Mans Cunningham Corvette Found in Florida Warehouse

This brief blog post by John Lamm talks about the history of Corvette #1 and how it was recently found.

7. N.Y. Times, August 8, 2012 –
Long-Lost LeMans Corvette, Found at Last?

This informative article by Jerry Garrett tells the story of the search for the last missing Le Mans Corvette over the years, and the clue passed along to Larry Berman that finally led to the car’s discovery.

8. Hemmings Motor News: Cyber Cruising, September 2012 –
Everything Cunningham: Recognizing the life and achievements of a great American sportsman

This article by Jim Donnelly featured in Hemmings spotlights the Briggs Cunningham web site and interviews Briggs Cunningham historian Larry Berman.

9. Hemmings Daily, October 1, 2013 –
Racing Heroes – Briggs Swift Cunningham II

This biographical article by Kurt Ernst describes the intriguing life of BSC, including his tireless efforts to win at Le Mans.

10. Old Cars Weekly, April 3, 2014 –
Meeting Briggs Cunningham at the Copier

This interesting article by John Gunnell in his “Met the Press” column tells the story of how he first met BSC at the copy machine while visiting his automotive museum in Costa Mesa, CA.


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